Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

Art direction portfolio review application process

This Portfolio Review is for applicants seeking work in the craft of Assistant Art Direction. If you’re

interested in more information about the Local 800 crafts of Illustrators and Matte Artists; Scenic,

Title, and Graphic Design; or Set Designers and Model Makers, please visit these areas of the ADG

website for more information.

Before applying, the ADG strongly recommends applicants have at least three years of professional

work experience in Art Direction work, in crafts equivalent to Local 800 crafts, or related fields.

Examples of the applicant’s professional work must be included in the portfolio presented for review.

Incomplete applications, or missing fees, will postpone the applicant’s scheduled interview time.

Application Due Dates and Portfolio Review Dates are listed on the ADG website.


• Application Fee $200 (Non-Refundable)

• Application form (please submit form to portfolio@adg.org)

• Copy of resume with related work experience and educational background

• 3 letters of recommendation

• Portfolio materials (see required criteria)

• Interview

If an applicant submits work from a signatory (union) project, they must identify their job on the

production, and whether the work was used for the production or created exclusively for this


An applicant may not submit work they created which displaced union covered work.


Upon completion of the application and interview, a notification of the result will be sent via email

within two weeks.

The applicant who has been approved through the Art Directors Guild portfolio review process must

obtain an offer of work in the Art Direction craft on an IATSE signatory production and complete 30

days of work in order to be placed on the Industry Experience Roster. Roster placement is the sole

responsibility of the applicant.


Once all required documents are received, the ADG will contact the applicant with an interview date

and time. Interviews will be arranged either in person at the Local 800 office, or via video conference.

The applicant’s materials must be received by the Local 800 office by the submission date, as listed on

the ADG website. An incomplete submission will result in the cancelation of the applicant’s

interview. Applicants may reapply for a subsequent portfolio review.

Applicants must be prepared to discuss any content in their application, portfolio, and resumé, as well

as an Assistant Art Director’s role in communicating and interfacing with any departments within the


Applicants must be prepared to present all required portfolio materials. If the interview is conducted

via video conference, Applicants must be prepared to present their portfolio materials via screen

share. Applicants will have a total of forty-five (45) minutes to present their portfolio, and to answer

questions from interviewers.


Please download the sample portfolio, criteria document, recommendation form and application below.


2024 Review #1:

Application Deadline: Friday, February 9

Interview: March 23/24

2024 Review #2:

Application Deadline: Friday, July 12

Interview: August 17/18

2024 Review #3

Application Deadline: Friday, November 1

Interview: December 14/15


Please call our office at (818) 762-9995
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